Web Design from £299

  • Responsive Design - This means your site will be always be suitable for the device it is being viewed on, whether it is a laptop computer or a mobile phone.
  • SEO optimisation - Which means your site will appear high in the search rankings on google, which means more business for you.
  • Contact Panel - Where people will be able to fill out a simple form, which will then be sent to you via email.
  • Social Media Links - Bringing your social media to your website will not only enhance your online presence, but it will also help with search engine optimisation.

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Web Design

A well designed website will give you a more professional image, which means more customers

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Print Design

Using high quality print will show your clients that you are to be taken seriously

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If you have a good brand, potential cutomers will have more treust in your business

My Background

I qualified as a professional designer in 2002. I began my career working within the print industry, either designing for print, or tidying up customer supplied work so that it is suitable for print. In later years before I became a freelance designer, I dealt more with project management, arranging work schedules and just making sure that deadlines were met, while ensuring at all times, a high standard of work. Working in the print industry has made me accustomed to working quickly and efficiently.

Since I became a freelance designer I have been producing websites, alongside my normal line of print work. This makes me a versatile designer as there aren't many things that I cannot design. I am always looking to broaden my horizons, so I get excited at the prospect of designing in a way that I have never attempted before.

My Philosophy

My philosophy is that the customer is always right. It is my job to ensure that I bring to life the customers vision of what they are looking for. This is achieved by getting to know my client and their business so that any design reflects them accurately. I like to work in partnership with my client’s to produce a piece of work they are satisfied with. I am happy to produce a number of concepts and revise these until the customer feels we have the right reflection of their business.

When I design, I am conscious that it isn't me or even my client that I am trying to appeal to. It is my client's potential customers who I am trying to reach. A good brand will speak to your customers, boost sales and ultimately add value to your business. This is what I aim to achieve.