Logos & Branding

I work closely with my clients to produce ideas. We stay in regular communication to get precisely the design that is needed. Because I respond to customer feedback during the design process, each design really reflects the customers personality, while having a professional edge. The process is about refining ideas until we are left with a polished design.

A brand is more than just a logo, it is the face of your business. It will set out your company colours, the corporate font and the paper you use. A good Brand will not only establish a professional image, it will also add value to your business. Branding requires extra time, care and attention and that is what I deliver.

Tides Reach Logo

The Cat Lady

Professional Pet Sitting Service in Norwich

My client asked me to produce a brand which was friendly and professional. She later told me that seeing this logo helped her to realise the potential of her business.

Tuttles Corner

Restaraunt in Lowestoft

The restaraunt is located very close to the bridge in central Lowestoft. This brand was designed to be quickly visible to the people driving past.

East Coast Local

Lowestoft Based Magazine

The priority for this brand was to keep it local, while making it as visually exciting as posible, to I went for an abstract view of the north beach from the sea.

Dead Creative

Norwich Based Seamstress

This brand is all about telling the story of what my client does as efficiently as possible.

Miss Motorsport

Blog about motorsports

My client asked for a logo that made it obvious that it was a woman commenting on motorsports, while keeping it as simple as possible.

Serious Advertising

Leaflet Distribution Throughout East Anglia

While discussing ideas for the brand, my client mentioned that they want a logo that they "could just splash anywhere". This is what I delivered.

Ultimate Decorating Specialists

High Quality Decorators

For this brand, there was a real need to communicate my clients work ethic, which was based on delivering quality work.

Tides Reach

A Restaraunt right by the sea

My client really wanted to drive home the point of being right by the sea. It was decided that a traditional feeling logo would be best.